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Our central business focus is placed on electrical construction of overhead line and cable  installations, fault finding, repairs, alterations  and testing.  

As a trusted electrical construction and maintenance company, we cover the full spectrum of electrical industry services. We also perform and manage project work.

We furthermore provide innovative advice and solutions to ensure that the customer receives cost effective services. We regularly perform work for Eskom, municipalities, private sector as well as for other government departments.

The work performed for the above institutions is construction of new plant and apparatus and advanced maintenance at various sites. Other services include, but are not limited to:

Electrical overhead lines. MV and LV

Transformers Installations

Cable Systems. MV and LV

Electrification Projects

Overhead Line Construction

Below are just some of their capabilities.

L.M.B. Power Africa(Pty)Ltd overhead division is amongst the most experienced in the region. L.M.B. Power Africa(Pty)Ltd’s has 100+ years of combined experience in Overhead Line Construction and is always in pursuit of new and challenging opportunities.

Below is a list of services that our team has provided for our utility clients.

Linesman Training programs include:

Electric Fences

Security, Agricultural and Game Fencing - What We Offer:

Solar Systems